Nueva Música: Wild Belle

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Wild Belle está compuesto por Natalie Bergman (voz) y Elliot Bergman (saxofón y teclado). Según The Guardian, se espera que esta banda reciba el mismo nivel de culto blogger que Lana del Rey este año. Ya veremos... Escúchenla abajo:
Wild Belle is composed by Natalie Bergman (vocals) and Elliot Bergman (saxophone and keyboards). According to The Guardian, this band is expected to receive the same level of blogger "cult" than Lana del Rey this year. We'll see about that... Song below:


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  3. I thoroughly enjoyed listening to the new music release by Wild Belle. Their unique sound and captivating lyrics truly stood out, showcasing their talent and creativity. I look forward to exploring more of their music and seeing how they continue to evolve as artists.


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