Icono de la Semana: Christianne Sandoval

Friday, April 12, 2013

Christianne started her blog three years ago because she wanted to document her two greatest passions: fashion and travel. Chris says that "travelling brings her great inspiration" and confesses she's been able to visit a lot of great places thanks to her dad's job when she was young. When traveling, she always does a few routine things: she observes people, analyzes local traditions and takes in the local way of life. Although she loves fashion, she has realized that what she likes the most is the "lifestyle" components associated with it, such as restaurants, shops and coolhunting. She confessed to be often sitting in a restaurant analyzing an old lady nearby trying "to figure out how her sweater would look like when combined with some cool biker boots". She is one of those bloggers that is not only interested in sharing her looks, she also shares interesting things about her life like something cool she's found while walking in the street, a nice phrase, how she feels, and what she sees. When she goes out, she loves to play "detective": she takes her camera and her iphone, and documents everything that catches her eye. She defines herself as a "rule-breaker" and loves to "cross the line" more often than not. She isn't scared of showing her vulnerable side - she is convinced that "accepting that you are scared is what gives you strength to over come fear", and she agrees with Christopher McCandless when he said that "happiness is only real when shared". Follow her on Instagram.
Christianne abrió su blog hace 3 años para documentar sus grandes pasiones: la moda y los viajes. Viajar la inspira, y desde chica tuvo suerte de poder conocer muchos lugares gracias al trabajo de su papá. Mientras viaja, le encanta observar a la gente, sus tradiciones y modo de vida. Le encanta la moda, pero aún más el lifestyle: restaurantes, dónde comprar, y hacer coolhunting. Chris confiesa estar sentada en restaurantes y "analizar a una viejita con un sweater tejido oversized color mamey con grecas y pensar que tal se vería con unas biker boots." Ella es una de las pocas bloggers que no solo comparte sus looks, si no detalles interesantes sobre su vida, como por ejemplo algo interesante que encontro en la calle, alguna frase interesante, o sus estados de ánimo. Cuando sale se siente como detective: carga con camara y iphone y documenta todo lo que le parece interesante. Se considera una persona que "rompe las reglas" y no tiene miedo a mostrar su lado vulnerable. Chris cree que el "aceptar tener miedo es lo que nos hace superar el miedo mismo" y esta de acuerdo con Christopher McCandless cuando dijo que "la felicidad solo es real cuando se comparte." Siguela en Instagram

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  1. Definitivamente Chris, al momento de leer su blog, te hace pensar en la vida y si en verdad estás disfrutándola. Cada detalle es lo que cuenta. Felicidades Chris, mereces esto y más :)


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