Throwback Thursday: Collares de Corazon

Thursday, September 26, 2013

This is the first of many "Throwback Thursday" posts that I will publish in the blog. #TBT is the new favorite tag of all social media fans like me that like to publish old photos and share moments in the past that have marked us, or in this case, marked the history of PAAR, my accessories brand. I was going through my hard drive the other day and it surprised me how much stuff I have: thousands of personal style photos, accessory photos, photos from events and collaborations, and photos of people wearing our accessories. The fast pace of the internet somehow blurrs my mind sometimes and makes me forget how much PAAR has accomplished and how many cool things we've done. I though I should share all these photos with you every Thursday. These photos are from 2006, when we did a lot of necklaces inspired in traditional Mexican handcrafts. Do you like them? -Paulina
Este es el primer post "Throwback Thursday" que publico en el blog. #TBT es el nuevo tag favorito de los fans de las redes sociales como yo, que nos permite compartir, todos los jueves, fotos viejas que amamos y recordar momentos divertidos o importantes. El otro día estuve ordenando mi disco duro, en donde tengo 10 años de historia de PAAR. Tengo tantas fotos de accesorios, sesiones de fotos, eventos, colaboraciones y looks de personal style que pensé que sería una buena idea compartir algunas de estas fotos todos los jueves en el blog. Esta semana les comparto unas fotos de 2006, cuando nos encantaba hacer collares inspirados en artesanías tradicionales mexicanas. Les gustan? -Paulina.

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