Photography: Christina Abdeeva

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

I came across an amazing fashion photographer in an article I read at The Guardian the other day. Christina Abdeeva, considered one of Russia's top 24 photographers that are changing the way the world sees Russia, really impressed me. I haven't been able to learn much about her, apart from the fact that she is based between Moscow and Paris, and she likes exploring alternative approaches to fashion photography, such as shooting models in vast landscapes, and in unconventional situations. I surfed her Tumblr the other day and gathered a few photos that I liked. In a world packed with visual imagery of fashion , it's always good to find fresh approaches to fashion photography.
Descubrí a una fotógrafa de moda en un articulo que leí en The Guardian recientemente. Christina Abdeeva, considerada una de las 24 fotógrafas que están cambiando la manera en la que el mundo percibe a Rusia, realmente me impresionó. No he podido leer mucho sobre ella, solamente se que esta basada en Moscu y París, y que le gusta explorar métodos alternativos a la fotografía de moda. Le gusta sacar fotos de modelos en situaciones complejas, y en paisajes amplios. Estas son algunas de las fotos que mas me gustaron de su Tumblr. En un mundo lleno de imágenes de moda, siempre es bueno toparse con una fotógrafa talentosa y con una visión fresca.

All photos are by Christina Abdeeva.


  1. wow beautiful photos and the expressions on the people's faces are so breathtaking and deep
    thanks for sharing

    1. Thanks for visiting the blog Sammie! I'm glad you enjoyed the photos, I thought they were amazing too.


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