Lottie Moss for Calvin Klein

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Yes yes, I had to write a post about one of this week's hottest topic: gorgeous Lottie Moss recreating her older sister Kate, in the newest CK ads. Lottie was originally discovered when she appeared as one of the bridesmaids in Kate's wedding in 2011. Her mom didn't allow her to model because she was too young back then, but apparently she has now reached a more "mature" stage and is ready to pose for the cameras. Will she become the next Kate? She definitely has potential. What do you think?
Si, si, no pude resistir crear un post sobre uno de los temas mas hot de la semana: Lottie Moss recreando a su hermana grande Kate Moss en la nueva campaña de CK. Lottie fue descubierta originalmente cuando apareció como una de las damas de honor en la boda de Kate en 2011 pero su mama no la dejo modelar hasta mas tarde porque estaba demasiado joven en ese entonces. Parece ser que por fin se ha animado a posar para las cámaras. Se convertirá Lottie en la siguiente Kate Moss? Definitivamente tiene potencial. Ustedes que opinan?


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  2. So cool love this! That family was blessed with the best genes (or jeans)

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  3. Me encanta todo lo que lleve la palabra "Moss" jajaja xx- Ari

  4. Wow I didn't know Kate's sister started modeling.. Thanks for sharing! Is she her real (I mean biological) sister? She looks pretty young for Kate's sis. Anyway, I totally agree, she has potential :) xo akiko
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  5. haha, these are awesome. she looks awesome!

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