Back in Mexico!

Monday, July 20, 2015

Photos/Fotos: Tyler Spencer

Black skirt / Falda negra: Zara | Black jacket / Saco negro: Zara | Black crop top shirt / Camisa crop top negra: & Other Stories | White sandals / Sandalias blancas: Top Shop | Black leather kiwi bag / Bolsa de piel negra y placa con kiwi bird: & Other Stories

Those who follow me on Instagram probably already know that I moved back to Mexico a month ago. Life has been hectic - my boyfriend and I are still living in suitcases and although we have found an amazing flat, we haven't been able to move in. Luckily, almost every weekend we've been able to escape to the Mexican countryside. A couple of weeks ago we visited the magical town of Bernal, known for its enormous monolith of massive rock, the 'Peña de Bernal', the third highest on the planet. This place is known for its energetic properties and during solstice and equinox, hundreds of people gather here to re-charge and meditate. If you haven't been to this lovely town, what are you waiting for! 
Aquellos que me siguen en Instagram seguro ya saben que me mude de regreso a México hace un mes. Mi vida ha sido una locura- mi novio y yo seguimos viviendo en maletas y aunque ya encontramos un departamento, no nos hemos podido mudar todavía. Por suerte, casi todos los fines de semana nos hemos podido escapar fuera de la ciudad. Hace dos semanas fuimos al Pueblo Mágico de Bernal, conocido por 'La Peña de Bernal' un enorme monolito de roca que es uno de los mas grandes del mundo. Durante el equinoccio y solsticio, Bernal se llena de gente que se reúne ahí para re-cargar energías ya que mucha gente cree en las propiedades energéticas del lugar. Si no han podido conocer Bernal, se los recomiendo muchísimo!  



  1. I like so much this pics, so fabolous!

  2. amazing trip, you look so pretty

    have a nice day

  3. Wow, it's so beautiful, I'd love to go there soon! And you look lovely in your black outfit ;)

    The Flower Duet

  4. I love this look and your flats! Good luck with getting un-packed and settled in.

    Mimi & Chichi

  5. Wow! You look amazing and the scenery is just perfect. Thanks for sharing.

    Eye See Euphoria |

  6. Awesome pics and you look perfect!



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